District Information

The Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District was formed on June 15, 1945, in accordance with Chapter 29, Revised Statutes 1944, of the Laws of the State of Maine. A board of supervisors carries out the District’s programs. Two members are appointed by the Maine Association of Conservation Districts Advisory Council and three are elected by the residents of the District. The laws of the District are based on the principle that landowners and operators should take the initiative and responsibility in creating programs that will protect and improve resources that have a direct and immediate bearing on the people.

We work with many partners to provide conservation assistance to the public. Our primary partner is the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Through this partnership, NRCS provides the District with a strong technical background. We also work with many other federal, state and local partners.

The District reaches out to all local stakeholders in the community to determine priorities and set a course of action to solve natural resource problems. We provide local conservation leadership, teach the value of natural resources, encourage conservation efforts, and help plan and implement voluntary programs.

Benefits of District Programs

  • Local solutions to local problems
  • Hands on training.
  • Direct technical assistance to the community.
  • Conservation education.
  • Voluntary, cooperative approach to resource conservation.
  • Local leadership.
  • Promote understanding of the value of natural resources.
  • Protection of drinking water supplies.
  • Protection of property values.
  • Bring in outside funding to be spent locally.
  • Provide technical assistance for community projects.
  • Help maintain farm productivity, values and profitability while protecting the environment.
  • Improved quality of natural resources.

If you have any conservation or natural resource issues please contact us, we can help!