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Plant & Fish Sales Updates!

Afternoon friends!
Just wanted to let everyone know that for the time being the USDA/District office is closed to the public.

We are still planning for our Plant Sale and Trout Sales to go on. We are offering small edibles, locally grown apple trees, other fruit trees, bushes, locally grown perennials, herbs, and annuals. While we have no way of knowing what will be happening come May 9th, we are encouraging you to place PRE-ORDERS. Any customers with pre orders will be contacted with protocols for picking up their orders that ensure safe distancing and hygiene. Worse case scenario we would have to cancel the cash and carry aspect of our sale.
For more information on our sale or to request an order form, please email
Thank you and stay safe friends! We will continue to update you.
Everyone at the Penobscot County SWCD

4 thoughts on “Plant & Fish Sales Updates!

  1. Could we receive a list of your plants for sale to regenerate our woodlot and fields? Fred and Belinda Rooney 632-7519

    1. Fred-
      What varieties are you looking for and how many. Our plant orders for the sale are usually on 10 or so plants for each variety we sell. Larger order we would have to check with our suppliers. Please, let me know what you are interested in and we will look into it.
      Thank you,
      Penobscot County SWCD

  2. Hello there.

    I was wondering when you place orders for tree sales? I was interested in conifers and maybe some fruit trees…

    Happy Holidays

    1. Jim-
      We usually send out our plant order form the first part of March. If you are not on our mailing list, please provide us with your mailing address. There will be several varieties of fruit trees. We are still in the process of ordering plants for the sale. What size conifers/varieties are you looking for and we may try to have them available.
      Thank you,
      Penobscot County SWCD

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